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Netivim College


As a part of the aspiration for excellence, Netivei Israel nurtures the professional human resources. In order to limit the knowledge gaps and enrich its suppliers and employees, ‘Netivim’ College was established in 2006 – the college for management of transportation infrastructures. The college offers specialization in a number of professions and fields such as:

Road supervisors, quality managers, traffic safety regularization, survey of bridges, signposts planning, traffic engineering, risks management in infrastructures, expropriations management, emergency conditions management, senior projects management – infrastructures managers, electrification of railroads.

The broad professional knowhow we bestow to those engaged in these fields – employees, suppliers, and providers of services for the Company – is collected by knowledge leaders in the country, some of which are Company employees, and others from the business sector and from the Academia.

‘Netivim’ College activity has two central goals:

  • Provide the optimal response for the materialization of the professional obligation of Netivei Israel in reference to everything that concerns the design, the development, and the maintenance of the inter-urban highways network in Israel.
  • Development of the existing professional knowhow and bestowing it on all who are engaged in the field – employees, suppliers and service providers to Netivei Israel.

The center operates in professional cooperation with the Netivei Israel’s customers and its suppliers, and provides training and qualification courses for Netivei Israel suppliers and service providers, in accordance with the preconditions dictated by the Company from time to time. The Center’s activity is directed at the core processes in the Netivei Israel, and content specialists are integrated in it from the academia and from the business sector in the activity fields of the Netivei Israel.